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About Us

   Starting Point to Reach the Stars

In 2007, SYNERGY PROSALES COMPANY INTERNATIONAL emerged significantly from being humble, yet very promising Kahale Establishment in 1995 by its founder, Mr. Fadi Kahale.

Presently, SPCI has become a fast-growing, multi-national company across the Middle East from Lebanon to UAE, Morocco, Oman, Egypt and still expanding.


Love and Excellency Within Each Product

Today, SPC is presenting World-Class products in all dimensions.

We are challenging ourselves to continuously improve the process of product development and innovation to meet excellency in the smallest details. However, still the most important factor is our PASSION WITHIN OUR MISSION to create, innovate, to serve and to shake up the status-quo.

Furthermore, our great success in our market is not only due to our World-Class Brands' impact, but also attributed to our growing family of experienced teams who provide sincere and loving customer care, showcasing our 5-star service.




We are on a Mission to Make a Difference in One Billion People's Life.

We are all surrounded by products.

Products can make us feel better, happier and they give more comfort and convenience to our lives. We are not just seeking excellence and pioneering in the world of business, our vision goes beyond just the revenues.      

We are creating World-Class Brands that IMPROVE and IMPACT the lives of people because we believe that the purpose of business and the purpose of life is to SERVE.










Delivering World-Class Brands to Make a Difference in People’s Life.